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A.J. Penna & Son Construction has never lost sight of its core values that

were established over a half century ago by Angelo Penna: Safety, Quality,
Loyalty, Integrity, Pride, Customer Focus, and Community Service. 

These principals are the foundation of the company’s long-term success and will continue to guide us in our daily operations and future growth.  At A.J. Penna & Son Construction, we believe that our success is reflected in the success of our customers. We strive to be a successful and positive influence, in our role of providing the highest quality of work. 

  • SAFETY: Our #1 Core Value and considered first in everything we do.  Safety is part of our culture and the driving force behind that culture is our leadership’s commitment to our safety program and the desire that our employees, and those around them, return home safely at the end of every day.

  • LOYALTY: At A.J. Penna & Son Construction we know that the long-term success of any company depends upon the quality of its employees and the loyalty between them and their employer. We know that our people are our greatest asset and that our success is due to their efforts. We respect them for the hard work they do every day. We are proud to employ the best people in the industry and do everything we can to support them for the overall success of our company and our projects.

  • QUALITY: A.J. Penna & Son Construction has a strong reputation for performing quality work. By understanding the needs of our clients, what the project requires, and having the culture, knowledge and resources to execute the work safely and efficiently.  We strive to provide the best people, tools, and equipment to deliver the highest quality project possible.

  • INTEGRITY: At A.J. Penna & Son Construction, we pride ourselves on doing what we say we will do. We strive to do the right thing every time as it relates to our employees, customers, the communities around us, and the projects that we work on.

  • PRIDE: A.J. Penna & Son Construction is proud of its quality work, loyal employees, and dedicated customer base. We take pride in the projects that we build and meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers and their project stakeholders. We will always strive to be our customers’ contractor of choice.

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: At A.J. Penna & Son Construction, we believe that we cannot be
    successful if our customers are not successful. By focusing on safety, communication, teamwork, and our customers’ expectations, we hope to bring more value to each project we deliver and positively contribute to the long-term success of our customers.


  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: Community service has played a key role in shaping the long history of community involvement that A.J. Penna & Son Construction owners and employees have created. Contributions not only include personal time and monetary contributions, but also have included many donations of construction services, labor, and materials.  At A.J. Penna & Son Construction we believe giving back to our communities is the right thing to do. Year after year, A.J. Penna & Son Construction and its employees continue to make a positive difference to those around us.


Our Core Values define the way we interact with our customers, employees, and the communities in which we work.  

Vinny Penna Sr.

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